Logo/Identity Design Questionnaire

This questionnaire is the initial step to the logo design process.
Designing a successful logo depends on the level of detailed information you provide.

Please provide your full contact details, such as name, address, and preferably URL(s), Skype ID, etc. in order to receive a more accurate quote

Your full name

Your address

Your Email address (valid email address required)

Budget indication

Exact wording to be used in the logo

Type of logo

Are you going to use a tagline / slogan / strapline / pay-off?

Q-01 How would you describe your new company, service(s) or product(s) ?

Q-02 What do you want the new logo to accomplish?

Q-03 Who are your main competitors in the current marketspace?

Q-04 Can you describe your primary target market?

Q-05 How would you like your company, service(s) or product(s) to be perceived?

Q-06 Can you describe why your target audience should care about your company, service(s) or product(s)?

Q-07 Do you have any specific imagery or concept in mind for the new logo?

Q-08 What keywords best describe your business?
I.e.: dependable, edgy, strong, enthusiastic, unique, integrity, fun, serious, etc.

Q-09 What are the kind of logo / styles that you’re attracted to the most?

Q-10 What’s your preferred deadline, time frame or exact date of completion?

Q-11 Additional details and comments?