Featured: First & Favorites Logo Showcase

Cresk’s logo designs included in Iconify.it ‘Firsts & Favorites Logo Showcase No. 1′

An fun article about the firsts & favoroutes logo designs by logo designers.

First – Schietvereniging Oldehove, 1994

While it is probably not the first logo I designed in my entire life, this logo for a local shooting club was my first commissioned logo design project. I remember some old-fashion handwork assembly was involved, such as drawing the rifle with a pencil and ink, which was then copied, flipped & stuck next to the other. The letters were made in Calamus, a DTP program for Atari computers. After the letters were printed they were joined with the other artwork and delivered to the local printer. The concept was clear, some nice hand-crafted rifles for a local shooting club.

Favorite – Twyst, 2010

The logo I designed for Twyst is one of my favourites amongst a few others that I made for several companies throughout the years. The creative brief was simple but challenging: a bold, clear, iconic and relevant logo for an urban clothing business. Preferably something that has never being done before. Some serious brainstorming came into play. After a few concepts I decided to give it another shot and I knew I had something awesome going on. You know that euphoric feeling you get when the real inspiration strikes? After presenting it to my client it was just love at first sight.

Link: iconify.it/design/firsts-favorites-logo-showcase-no-1